Photographer Takes to GoFundMe to Raise Money for a New D4s, Sparks Outrage

Wow can this pro be anymore sad? Now lets fund a car for work online? Tacky! Crowsource our work salaries too, so some certain head hono doesn’t need to fund anything from his wallet!

Photographer Spotlight: Diyosa Carter


One of those note post

Originally posted on Flickr Blog:

me.  less hair, but in focus.Meet Diyosa, a self taught photographer from the Bay Area in California, USA, who loves medium and large format photography.

“I started my photography life through digital. I began as a mom with a cute kid who wanted to document her life. Through this I discovered Flickr and the wonderful community it had.”

From Camping

Diyosa started shooting with a DSLR in 2005: “I learned with other fresh photographers and those more experienced who were more than willing to share knowledge. I eventually fell down the hole of film photography and was instantly hooked.” This was in May 2009 when Diyosa started shooting medium format as well, and just recently, in Speptember 2013, she started “the large adventure seriously” when she got the Aero Ektar from Lauren Rosenbaum.

“My favorite form is definitely portrait photography. As cliché as it sounds I love capturing people in the now. What they looked…

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Hello Again Readers

Greetings again readers, blogging has not been my primary focus for the past few years. Though I have been dropping by to read your comments. Sorry for the late replies. With todays technology’s everchanging so quickly, I will need to adapt more quickly to engage the readers in muliple platforms. Its an enormous task and consuming time to do. Please do bear with us at this time during the changes.

Pope Warns Church Must Balance Divisive Rules or Fall

Pope is putting himself into quite a controversy on a few topics such as gay marriage, abortion, and openness of the Catholic Church. How do we as human beings know even what upstairs thinks? Mere words are just not enough for most, but for some, this is a start of a dialog, no matter how remote. How hollow talks may be for some. This world would not be round if we all think all alike. A lot of times we failed to change folks minds in regards of religious beliefs, upbringing and ideals.

Can’t be real? Adults hiring wetnurses, baffled!

Human breast milk popular tipple among Shenzhen rich | South China Morning Post

When i saw this post, all i need to say are: a fad or to each of its own?

I find this questionable at best having human milk after one reaching adulthood via wetnurse.

Opinion- Get more bang for your buck with post-secondary degrees

Let’s see, as a BA degree person, I would say this is a sad article. Yet the reality is that did CIBC noted that certificate can earn you a job that may be the job of tomorrow? Jobs such as attendants care, car mechanic, construction and some engineering jobs do get a bang for your buck. There are long term benefits due to our thin stretchs of labour and infrastructures. Our views of how much these jobs
are needed to be reviewed.

Why do we need to correct what our accents!?


Yesterday I saw a video of Arianna Huffington about the Third Matrix discussing about her accent at the beginning of her speech as an asset.  I am born with an accent.  I find that without an accent, life is so boring and it’s part of who you’re. In terms of business settings, it’s a global world, we will certainly have a difficulty to try to change all types of accents.  We can of course, make sure folks can speak clearly.

Your Newspaper Notes

Today’s The Globe and Mail’s The Conversation Page, the reality struck me that due to the cuts of newspapers everywhere, journalistic works are being compromised.  We are seeing more negative reflections of journalists. Globe and Mail becomes more reflective of themselves.  Is it necessarily going to improve their journalistic coverage?  News cycle are 24/7 and intantenous. We are overloaded with unnecessary junk or depressing news.  Good news are filtered far down from search. With limited resources, how do anyone expect perfection of any one newsprint. You cut, quality suffers.