If You Think Only Poor People Need Welfare, Wait Till You See What Really Rich Folks Do With It

This is a plague of what in 1958 economist and diplomat, John Kenneth Galbraith, called the affluent society. In an analysis that was to move American conscious and help launch the war on poverty in the 1960s, Galbraith declared that the management of the modern economy by the affluent for the affluent will fail. Even worse, affluent had the affect Galbraith writes of comfortable disregard for those excluded from its benefits and its culture. One such effect Galbraith noted was resistance to government’s help for the poor, still true in our times. Galbraith argued though that is was from the state alone that effective action against poverty can come.


Education just now cost more in U of T!

Starting in the Fall of 2015, University of Toronto will be scrapping the Bachelor of Education degree! You really want to trim the time of teacher’s ed training! Sorry, in no time will I recommend students pay for tuition to study a masters for education. It’s a big leap. A even bigger leap!
Let’s get some details about what U of T’s ed program will be about in 2015.
OISE has decided to stop offering any bachelor program at all and instead admit more students into its two master’s programs, which will prepare them to be teachers but also give them an extra semester — five rather than four — and more focus on research, said Dean Julia O’Sullivan.

In summary, it’s 80 hours of field work, on your own independently more to yourself onwards.
Who will suffer? Students and what can we do? Not much unless you are willing to move to another province to get your education degree and do the proper certification when you come back to Ontario.


Photographer Takes to GoFundMe to Raise Money for a New D4s, Sparks Outrage


Wow can this pro be anymore sad? Now lets fund a car for work online? Tacky! Crowsource our work salaries too, so some certain head hono doesn’t need to fund anything from his wallet!

Hello Again Readers

Greetings again readers, blogging has not been my primary focus for the past few years. Though I have been dropping by to read your comments. Sorry for the late replies. With todays technology’s everchanging so quickly, I will need to adapt more quickly to engage the readers in muliple platforms. Its an enormous task and consuming time to do. Please do bear with us at this time during the changes.

Pope Warns Church Must Balance Divisive Rules or Fall


Pope is putting himself into quite a controversy on a few topics such as gay marriage, abortion, and openness of the Catholic Church. How do we as human beings know even what upstairs thinks? Mere words are just not enough for most, but for some, this is a start of a dialog, no matter how remote. How hollow talks may be for some. This world would not be round if we all think all alike. A lot of times we failed to change folks minds in regards of religious beliefs, upbringing and ideals.