Life of a female

Being a female now become even more difficult. If you are not with the feminist movement, you are not with their movement?! What is feminist? Below are the two terms that will be used.  They are long definitions, but enough to get some understanding for those who don’t know what the earth I am talking about!

Feminist theory is the extension of feminism into theoretical or philosophical discourse. It aims to understand the nature of gender inequality. It examines women’s social roles, experience, interests, and feminist politics in a variety of fields, such as anthropology and sociology, communication, psychoanalysis,[1] economics, literature, education, and philosophy.[2]

Feminist theory focuses on analyzing gender inequality. Themes explored in feminism include discrimination, objectification (especially sexual objectification), oppression, patriarchy,[3][4] stereotyping, art history[5] and contemporary art,[6][7] and aesthetics.[8][9]

According to the Oxford Companion to Philosophy — Humanism is An appeal to reason in contrast to revelation or religious authority as a means of finding out about the natural world and destiny of man, and also giving a grounding for morality. Humanist ethics is also distinguished by placing the end of moral action in the welfare of humanity rather than in fulfilling the will of God.

Humanism is thus a naturalistic, scientific, secular philosophy of life that precludes any belief or reliance upon supposedly supernatural powers.

Humanists embrace core human values of respect, responsibility, and compassion for all. 

Humanism is an ethics-based way of life founded on human experience and imbued with compassion for other human beings, that calls for a commitment to the betterment of humanity through the methods of science, democracy, and reason, without any limitations by political, ecclesiastical, or other dictates.

I do not subscribe bias when it comes to personal stories.  It’s private.  It’s anonymous, names are changed to protect one’s anonymity.  It’s to tell the story without backlash.  Unfortunately, nowadays, anonymity are rare for most, women can’t tell their stories without being a so call names.  They are the bad ones.  They aren’t protected from online attacks.  We do not know at what circumstances why women do not report domestic issues/emotional abuse to police.  All we know are that we shall listen and side by the women when they tell the story without hearing the other side? If we don’t form an opinion, are we no longer a feminist? Can we still remain a feminist?

In our human society, we as human beings, we have not learn about respect other folks opinions without stepping onto others toes.  Some of us are not ready to open our mind and ears to both sides of the fences.  We would immediately take one side or the other. We would allow our emotions dictate our judgments.  We as human beings need logic to assist ones that are in need of emotional and any kind of help.  That is where I see humanistic approach can come in handy.
Women can voiced their opinions whichever they pleases, they do not need to fit into any kind of feminist nor even anti-feminist nor be in any stance at all. 

Note: this author does not approve any emotional/violences of any kind towards human beings.  

Keep it to Yourself!

There are better things to preoccupy with besides ios8 woes.

First world issues such as: celebrity rehab

Bad coffee, bad food, bad customer service, bad traffic, bad roads, could go on and on.

I hold my tongue here to say more things that I should say.

We trive from other people’s mistery and isn’t that wow sad?

Perhaps that kind of makes me a bit more of a realist.

And I would not say things beforehand without a great deal of thought.

Really, isnt censorship boring? Or a necessary?

Charlie Sheen tips $1000 on LeSean McCoy tab

Tipping 20c you might as well not tipping.  Thanks Charlie for your generous big tip.  The restaurant industry needs your encouraging.  Though there will always be a few bad apples.. you ignore em.

It’s time to accept this fact: A really great marriage is rare – Quartz

Love and marriage narrative:
1 marry for love.
2 marry for lifelong commitment
3 marry for companionship
The rest are having children, financial stability and recognize by the government. 
The article stated that nowadays marriage are for love.  Oh dear, love it sounds so superficial if it’s definition:
a profoundly tender, passionate affections for another person.
Love becomes more self serving rather than helping one other to live through life.  Love includes personal growth and happiness.  We become so developed within oneself that we forgot the significant other and the community as whole.   We become determined to comfort selves that we are too frightened to ask for help when we are really in crisis.   We resort to DIY and quick remedies.   Happy or content marriages need a great deal of hard work.  An occasional permissism is okay.  When is being imperfect become a taboo?
For the folks that are single,  be who you are. It’s a cool place to be.

Ten channels pick-and-pay cable could kill in Canada |
What you might possibly lose?
Bio Channel
Travel & Escape
Local News
Vision TV

All right,  if we as TV subscribers were to lose these channels,  no big deal!
Take a look, we are not into educational subscription.  Nor liking local news because we can get that online.  If we have every channel la a cart, it’s a hassle!  We like commercials! ? What’s this world become?  Especially US ones? What’s with folks liking to watch advertising on TV?  Can you watch YouTube or Facebook?  Do not waste more precious airspace! TV is already dull with reality and subpar scripts,  please no more lame US commercials.  Reference above! 

A Photo History of American School Lunches – Bon Appétit

This author is not fond of counting calories. Though its interesting to stumble upon an article about the history of children’s school lunches.  The caloric intake in the past were: 2400-2800 for gals. 3400-3800 for guys. 
Nowadays, the guidelines are as follows:
kids ages 1 to 7 often require 34 to 41 calories per pound of body weight daily, children ages 7 to 12 need about 27 to 34 calories per pound and kids age 12 to 18 often require 13 to 27 calories for each pound of their body weight daily. Exceptions may occur in overweight and obese children.(1)
Kids in general do more than adults. Unfortunely, as they get to their teens, they become stationery. As a result, the caloric intake should be less. At the same time, we will need to take into the  account of their development. The caloric intake should be customized rather than standardized.

According to UN, developing and undeveloped countries are not getting enough calories. Either way, obesty and malnutrition costs a great deal of health bucks. Prevention, education and tools are the key to deal with good eating habits.


Cyclist accuses Toronto property company of ‘stealing’ her bike | Metro
Note: I am for healthy bike rides, but please the city need to implement bike locks for a fee in DOT. 

Sorry one can’t just lock their bike/park just anywhere ie poles.  Its safety issues such as ppl walking, ppl with limited mobilty, or strollers need spaces.  I have seen bikes falling down on Yonge St, for ex.  I had to walk around in a crowded street, darn it annoyed!?!? We need proper parking spaces for bikes for a charge ppl.

If You Think Only Poor People Need Welfare, Wait Till You See What Really Rich Folks Do With It

This is a plague of what in 1958 economist and diplomat, John Kenneth Galbraith, called the affluent society. In an analysis that was to move American conscious and help launch the war on poverty in the 1960s, Galbraith declared that the management of the modern economy by the affluent for the affluent will fail. Even worse, affluent had the affect Galbraith writes of comfortable disregard for those excluded from its benefits and its culture. One such effect Galbraith noted was resistance to government’s help for the poor, still true in our times. Galbraith argued though that is was from the state alone that effective action against poverty can come.